The use of freelancers in companies offers numerous advantages. In addition to flexible work processes and a high service orientation freelancers are usually quickly available and can enrich projects with their expert knowledge. However, in order for the cooperation to run smoothly and, above all, to be satisfactory for both sides, a variety of points should be considered on the part of the commissioning companies.

Transparent communication – right from the beginning!
The probably most decisive point when commissioning freelancers is communication. Starting with the job posting, it should be openly explained by the company what the expectations are and what ideas are available – both professionally and with regard to social skills. Since close cooperation in the project is often indispensable it is important to pay close attention during the selection process to whether freelancers meet the requirements of the project and, vice versa, whether the company meets the expectations of the external party.

Contract and general conditions
If the ideas match, a cooperation should be established promptly, since experienced freelancers often have several options for new projects.
When drawing up a contract for cooperation both sides should take the legal framework into account. Special attention should be paid to the issue of bogus self-employment, so that freelancers are not integrated into the work organisation, for example.
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Contractual options for the commissioning of freelancers include contracts for work or service contracts. In general the planned remuneration should be clearly stated and it should be emphasised that the person commissioned is not subject to any instructions as an external party. Furthermore, the contract can specify whether the contractor should work on the project locally or remotely.

Regular updates
As soon as a project starts, regular updates should take place between the client, freelancer and, if necessary, internal staff involved in order to check or update the respective project status and individual responsibilities. At best, the teamwork in the project should be made diverse and transparent through the work of external and internal people, in order to enable a lively exchange of information. Furthermore, freelancers should always be provided with a contact person on the company side to whom they can turn with any questions or concerns.

The use of freelancers can be a challenge for both sides. However, with sufficient planning and optimized communication, it can become a true concept for success.