Working as a freelancer has many advantages from which many employees would like to benefit. With modern work opportunities such as coworking spaces and location-independent activities more and more people are being attracted by the concept of freelancing.

We explain 6 reasons why it is worthwhile to take the step into self-employment and work self-determined.

1. Professional Expertise & Further Education

As a freelancer you will work on diverse projects and in a wide variety of companies during the years. The specialist expertise expected from clients requires constant further training and knowledge expansion in the respective specialist area. As a result freelancers usually have in-depth knowledge and numerous proofs of this knowledge with which they can stand out from the crowd. In addition, varied assignments and teams contribute to the professional knowledge and social skills. A high number of completed projects therefore increases the spectrum of experience.

2. Personal Network

Even if freelancers cannot enjoy daily coffee breaks with colleagues they are constantly making new contacts. Through cooperation with companies, frequent exchange with other freelancers or the support of personnel service providers, such as esklusiv, a network is created, through which one can in turn get to know new people and business contacts. The creation of such a network enables recommendations and the acceleration of the project search. Last but not least, self-marketing plays a key role in this process: because those who can sell themselves well will be remembered.

3. Soft Skills

In order to land projects and conclude contracts a distinct negotiating competence is required. Because the client’s views and offers do not always correspond to one’s own ideas. Particularly sensitive issues, such as hourly rates and time utilization, must therefore be discussed and agreed in advance. Constantly new teams and contact persons, as well as the communication with these, also support freelancers in the development of social skills such as team skills and conflict management.

4. Self-Determined Work & Independence

As a freelancer you have a wide range of project possibilities open in front of you and you can choose and carry out projects on your own. Especially the existing lack of skilled workers is leading companies to rely more and more on the use of external specialists. Freelancers can choose their assignments themselves and flexibly look for new options if a project is cancelled last minute. They decide with which customers they start cooperation or which offer they prefer to reject. The flexibility and freedom that comes with the concept of freelance work makes daily work exciting and yet challenging. At the same time, freelancers are usually not dependent on office hours but can plan their time as they wish and work from any location.

5. Income

For freelancers lucrative hourly rates can often be determined by themselves. Mostly freelancers earn more than regular employees because the hourly rate is negotiated individually with the clients. In addition, freelancers with proven project experience can demand more and at the same time decide for themselves how many projects they want or need to accept in order to generate more or less income. Depending on the time budget, this can of course vary from year to year, as the general time schedule and number of projects of the freelancers can be flexibly adjusted.

6. We Support You

Are you currently looking for a new project? We are at your side and will gladly help you find the right project. Through our many years of experience as a personnel service provider in the IT sector, we support numerous freelancers in finding suitable project offers.

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